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With AltheaSuite you will have answers to all your questions regarding your business data. With its very strong searching capabilities and customized reports in addition to comprehensive system reports, you will be able to get a report on anything you wish to see about your business. AltheaSuite will also email you these reports regularly on a schedule or on a trigger of certain data conditions. 

While you will see more or less same features mentioned as bullet points on many inventory management application websites, the difference is in the depth of the implementation and ease of use. In AltheaSuite, each mentioned feature is carefully studied and implemented to the fullest while keeping it very easy to use. 

AltheaSuite offers a very clean and intuitive design. In addition to being easy to work with, you will find what you need on the screen just when you need it. This we have been able to achieve with extensive feedback from our customers who teach us how the furniture industry works and we are very quick to adapt and make our application do what is needed to make your business processes smooth and easy.

AltheaSuite is built on a solid technology architecture that provides extensive flexibility in managing custom fields, access rights, user roles and provide data audit points and alerts. Its infrastructure allows us to respond quickly to your request to fine tune any functionality or even add a new module in surprisingly short time.

While AltheaSuite has wide variety of functionality modules, you can start with just what you need and add more modules as your needs grow. You will find our team eager to show you the feature you need in live trial accounts and you can also try them out without any obligations to purchase.

Moreover, it being a browser based application and operating on cloud with modern design, it offers a huge advantage over older desktop based applications. AltheaSuite is 100% smartphone compliant, that means you do not have to deal with a specialized app that has some limited functionality, but you have the entire ERP working on your mobile phone when you have AltheaSuite. The cloud hosted solution completely frees you from having to manage your own hardware and mainly the back ups! Plus with cloud you can reach your application from anywhere. No more remoting into your office computer from home and no need of tedious VPN networks between locations.

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AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software offers a comprehensive solution for all your inventory management needs. The cloud-based software is flexible and can be scaled up or down. You can grow your business, replenish depleted items in your inventory, and control every aspect of your inventory at the touch of a button.

Managing inventory is the most important part of running a successful manufacturing business. At AltheaSuite, we have developed our custom software for small and medium-sized businesses across different sectors. It offers various modules and features to help you manage and organize your inventory in multiple warehouses. Whether you are a wholesaler or a distributor, this is all you need to simplify your firm’s tedious inventory management process.

AltheaSuite’s custom inventory management software lets you track your mobile inventory in real-time. You can create customized dashboards using cloud-based software and organize your entire inventory, even in multiple warehouses.

The software allows you to efficiently categorize similar products and track your inventory through a user-friendly search portal. The software can also be integrated with all modern web browsers and mobile apps.

AltheaSuite’s inventory management software allows small and medium-sized business to efficiently and seamlessly manage their inventory flow. You can track all aspects of your business, from financial transactions to delivery to production. From manufacturing to wholesale, businesses across a range of sectors can use cloud-based software to optimize efficiency at each stage of the supply chain.

AltheaSuite’s inventory management software simplifies the stock ordering process. You can re-order stock and raw materials to ensure the smooth running of your business operations.

The software also lets you choose the best vendors to ensure quality control. You can also stay in constant touch with your suppliers through automated emails. You can track your past purchases and identify areas for cost-cutting to boost profitability.

AltheaSuite’s inventory software allows businesses to sell their products on different platforms online. You can create customized payment methods and issue alerts for pending payments to cultivate a positive relationship with your suppliers. You can also track and trace payments and get comprehensive payment reports.

Businesses across different sectors can use the AltheaSuite Inventory Management System to create price estimates for their products. You can provide free quotes for stock purchases to your clients. These can be delivered to your clients via email.

With the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software, you can print custom barcode stickers for all your products. This feature is compatible with any laser printer from a leading manufacturer. You can create barcode stickers with different colors and designs for each product type.

AltheaSuite Inventory Management software offers businesses exclusive features to improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You can store important consumer data and keep track of their orders, feedback, and product preferences. You can also set up channels to ask for valuable feedback and comments on the quality of your service and the products provided.

AltheaSuite automates the entire stock re-ordering process by keeping track of available items in the inventory. It automatically will generate re-order suggestions when an item is close to running out of stock. You can pick and choose suppliers to deliver the products that you need.

Do you run a small or medium-sized business? You can use AltheaSuite’s intuitive software to assign lot numbers to the products in your inventory. These lot numbers will help you track and trace your products at each stage of the supply chain. As all items will have a unique lot number, any faulty item can be easily recalled, and late deliveries can be expedited.

You can set up a secure and user-friendly Point of Sale (POS) terminal to facilitate online customers with The AltheaSuite Inventory Management. This tool will let you track sales and inventory, generate order receipts, and safely and efficiently handle cash.

The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software allows businesses to file taxes and enact sales taxes according to local laws and regulations for business. You can accurately calculate taxes for each sale and pay your taxes on time to ensure compliance with the law. The calculation of taxes is automatic and seamless, which helps save both time and costs.

The shipping feature in the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software is integrated with ShipStation to allow you to ship your goods with a shipping company of your choice, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. You can ship within the US or overseas.

The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software can be integrated with financial accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online. You can use the cloud-based accounting solution to handle all your company’s financial transactions.

AltheaSuite can streamline and simplify the financial accounting process for your company by integrating with accounting apps. Your finance team can generate accurate accounting reports which provide a complete record of the company’s expenses, revenues, and net profit over time.

You can keep track of employee performance at work by tracking product sales with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. The software can also be used for timely salary payments, and employees can log their shifts by clocking in and out.

The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software can generate customized reports for your business. You can generate P&L reports for your business to identify products generating the most revenue and profits.

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