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Bill of Materials
Work Order
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Accounts and Finance
Service and Repair
BI & Analytics
Serial Numbers
Warehouse Management

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Single Solution for your Business
Do you own a manufacturing business? Find a complete business management solution with Althea Suite Inventory Management, our exclusive inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses across different sectors. Our cutting-edge software has been designed to help small and medium-sized businesses grow profitable and keep track of everything from accounts to revenues to customer relationships. Key features include inventory management, automated reordering, employee management, and more.
Inventory Management
Do you wish there were a tool that could help you manage your inventory? With Althea Suite, you can manage inventory in multiple warehouses. Our software works best for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses. We also cater to businesses in other sectors, such as retail and wholesale.
Are you having a hard time organizing your business’s warehouse and inventory? You can streamline your inventory with the Althea Suite Warehouse Inventory Management Software. Our inventory management software is cloud-based and compatible with all modern web browsers and devices. It allows manufacturing firms to keep track of the items in their inventory, reorder items, generate balance sheets, and more.
Inventory Flow
Tracking inventory flow can no longer be done manually, even if you run a relatively small-sized manufacturing firm. If you’re looking for a tool to help you track inventory flow, check out Althea Suite Inventory Management Software. It has been designed for businesses in different sectors, including retail and manufacturing. You can easily track the flow of inventory through the supply chain.
Bulk purchase to smaller quantities
Whether you purchase in bulk or in small quantities for your manufacturing business, our custom inventory management software allows you to keep track of all your purchases. You can enter your preferred units of measurement (such as kilograms, pounds, or carats) and convert them to your preferred unit of measurement at any time.
Planning and Scheduling
Managing production planning and scheduling can be a tedious task. We’ve made it easy with the Althea Suite Inventory Management Software. Designed for small and medium-sized firms, it helps businesses utilize their resources to the fullest. It will also help you adjust your business’s supply of goods according to consumer demand and hence improve your customer service and delivery time.
With the Althea Suite Inventory Management System, you can give your clients quotes for their orders before they make their purchases. Each item in your inventory can be given an estimated quote. These quotes can then be emailed to your clients whenever needed.
Barcode Stickers
You can create and print your own barcode stickers for your goods using the Althea Suite Inventory Management software, which will help you cut down on costs as you will no longer need to outsource your barcode sticker printing to another company.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been made easier thanks to the Althea Suite Inventory Management software. You can improve your relationship with your clients by rewarding them for being regular customers, setting up promotional prices, and more.
Reorder Levels
Do you find it impossible to keep track of inventory reorders? Never lose track of inventory reorders with the Althea Suite Inventory Management software. The software will track the quantity of each item in your inventory. If the number of certain items are running low, it will automatically suggest purchase orders that should be generated. You can reorder these items from vendors of your choice and never run out of anything in your inventory ever again.
Lot Numbers
Tracking batches of goods in your inventory becomes much simpler if each batch is assigned its own individual lot number. You can assign lot numbers to all the products in your warehouse(s) and track each batch with the Althea Suite Inventory Management software. This will allow you to manage expiry dates and minimize waste.
Point of Sale
You can set up a secure and user-friendly POS terminal for your online business using the Althea Suite Inventory Management software. The POS terminal also allows registered users within the company to manage the inflow of cash, generate sales reports, and more.
With the Althea Suite Inventory Management software, you can stay on top of your business’s tax filings and manage sales tax without the hassle of going over tax reports manually.
Do you ship your goods within the US or worldwide? The shipping feature in the management software is integrated with ShipStation. Using this feature, you can transport your goods with a shipping company of your choice, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
Quick-Books Integration
The software is integrated with QuickBooks Online. You can use QuickBooks Online to handle all your company’s financial transactions. Your business’s accounting can therefore be done online.
Financial Accounting
Even small and medium-sized businesses have a hard time managing their accounting books. With Althea’s financial accounting feature, you can let the software do your business’s accounting for you. This feature lets you track inventory invoices, generate sales reports, manage your ledger, and more.
If you want to track your employees’ progress at work, you can do so with the Althea Suite Inventory Management software. The software can record clock-in and clock-out times for employees and their work progress rate.
The Althea Suite Inventory Management software offers comprehensive reporting features. At a glance, you can view total inventory, bestselling items, and generate profit and loss (P and L) statements.

Manufacturing - In House Production

Multi Level BOM

Multi-level manufacturing documents that will manage finished products, assemblies, and raw material stock.

Warehouse Management

Get a single view of inventory across all warehouses. Materials requests can be sent from production department to warehouse.

Generate your own Serial Numbers

You can generate serial numbers for manufactured finished product or sub-assemblies.

Dismantle Products

You can also dismantle manufactured products into its sub assemblies to help you with repair and part replacement.

Material Requirements Planning

Complete material requirements analysis so you can create your purchasing plans. Create purchase order or place stock request for raw materials directly from work order.

Manufacturing Cost

Multiple costing methods and multiple reports to help you with all your costing and inventory needs.

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