Streamline your lighting store operations
with our comprehensive ERP software

AltheaSuite solution for your Lighting Store

Fully hosted cloud-based ERP solution with 100% smartphone compatibility, will give you the flexibility you need without any infrastructure management hassles.


Product Catalog

Create and manage a comprehensive catalog of lighting products, including detailed descriptions, images, and specifications. Define and manage the various options, specifications, and customizations available for different types of lights. Manage product variants and attributes.

Product Configuration

AltheaSuite lets you configure custom products, including selecting individual items for a combo or creating a bundle of related products.

Inventory Management

Efficiently track and manage lighting products, including stock levels, suppliers, and procurement processes.

Warehouse Management

Optimize storage, picking, and shipping of lighting products, ensuring accurate inventory control and efficient order fulfillment.


Reorder management, various ways to calculate safety stock based on historical data and trends for high service levels, auto PO generation, PO suggestions, stock availability checks, backorders against customer orders, drop shipping.

Stay organized and boost efficiency with our advanced POS system for lighting stores

Efficiently process customer orders, including order creation, order fulfillment, order tracking, and order history.


POS Billing

Various billing modes, customizable payment modes, use your existing payment gateway, easy returns and exchanges, on-the-fly discounts, cash register day-end reports, moving money between cash registers, employee time-clocking, customized tax structures, Inventory checks, and order placements.

Sales and Checkout

A user-friendly interface with quick and efficient sales processing, barcode scanning, and payment integration simplifies the checkout process, minimizing customer wait times.

Customer Relations

Custom fields on customers for profiles you want to build, create various hierarchies of customer groups, check purchase histories at all stores, email and text messaging (SMS) integration, product popularity, chronological customer interactions and notes, invoice level notes, and per line-item notes for complete customer satisfaction.

Order Workflow

Manage customer orders from quotation to invoicing to dispatch. Track customer orders, including backorders. Efficient order fulfillment by ensuring that backordered items are allocated and delivered as soon as they become available.

Delivery Management

Manage your own delivery fleet. Assign deliveries, get confirmation from the delivery team for dates, integrate appointment calendars, integrate turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps on the mobile devices of the delivery team, capture delivery confirmation signatures, and send alert text messages to customers for upcoming deliveries to their doorstep.

Maximize efficiency and productivity across your lighting store operations

Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge technology and innovation in our Lighting Store ERP solution

100% mobile

As AltheaSuite is built on modern technology, it is completely compatible with all device screen sizes, unlike older solutions where you may get some limited functionality for mobile devices and additional installs on your mobile phone.

Powerful Search

One of the primary jobs of a good software solution is to provide quick and concise answers. Every screen in AltheaSuite provides powerful and customizable searching capabilities that are truly unique to our product.

Audit Trail

No data in AltheaSuite is modified without a paper trail. You can track down in detail why the product is out of stock. Also, you can create custom events and audit logs for a rules-based audit trail.

Customized Business Intelligence

While business intelligence dashboards and charts are not a unique feature anymore, what makes them different in AltheaSuite is their ability to be customized. You can create comparative charts of brands, categories, and even the performances of different sales team members.

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Customer Loyalty

Implement and manage loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases, offer rewards, and enhance customer engagement.

Pricing and Discounts

Set and manage pricing for lighting products, including the ability to apply discounts, promotional offers, and bulk pricing.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode or QR code scanning is used to quickly add products to orders, update inventory, and streamline the checkout process.

E-commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms to synchronize product inventory, process online orders, and manage customer data across channels.

Multi-Store Support

Manage multiple lighting store locations, including centralized inventory management, stock transfers, and consolidated reporting.

User Permissions

Granular access rights control access levels and user permissions to ensure data security and privacy.

Low Stock Alerts

Set Reorder rules to create autogenerated POs for items that are running low on inventory. Allocate preferred vendors and lead days.

Tax Calculation

Automatically calculate taxes based on applicable rules and regulations, ensuring accurate tax calculations for each transaction.

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