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Get better control over your inventory 

With our inventory management software for the manufacturing industry, rapid growth is within your reach. All it takes is a helping hand from top industry business analysts—and centralized data insights into your operations.

Instead of building a one-size-fits-all ERP and making you pay an exorbitant amount for solutions and integrations you don’t need, Althea’s developers work with you.

Our solution equips manufacturing companies to elevate their offerings and expand their reach with enterprise-level efficiency—all at a scalable, transparent cost.

With our deep expertise and advanced software, you can streamline the selling and purchasing process with advanced analytics; eliminate manual data entry to efficiently track your orders across all of your sales channels, and grow your business without friction from inventory logistics and back-office management.

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Single Solution for your Business
Althea Suite Inventory Management offers small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses a complete inventory management solution. It is a cloud-based software solution that allows businesses to streamline their inventory management process, cut operational costs, manage the firm’s accounting and auditing processes online, and become more efficient at handling consumer demand.
Inventory Management
Managing inventory is the most important part of running a successful manufacturing business. At AltheaSuite, we have developed our custom software for small and medium-sized businesses across different sectors. It offers various modules and features to help you manage and organize your inventory in multiple warehouses. Whether you are a wholesaler or a distributor, this is all you need to simplify your firm’s tedious inventory management process.
Whether you run one warehouse for your manufacturing business or many, AltheaSuite Warehouse Inventory Management software can help you track your inventory and assets through each stage in the supply chain. You can manage inventory transfers between different warehouses, track quantities of each good in your inventory, and reorder when stocks are running low.
Inventory Flow
Today, it is impossible for even small and medium-sized businesses to manually track inventory flow. The AltheaSuite Inventory Management Software has been designed for businesses across different sectors, including manufacturing. Our custom inventory management software allows you to track the flow of inventory through the supply chain without error.
Bulk purchase to smaller quantities
Do you run a small or medium-sized manufacturing firm? Whether you purchase in bulk or in smaller quantities, the AltheaSuite, our custom inventory management software, will let you track your inventory in a unit of measurement of your choice, e.g., pounds, kilograms, gallons, or carats. You can simply enter your own measurements into the software and convert them to your preferred unit of measurement.
Planning and Scheduling
Planning and scheduling inventory orders, stock transfers, and deliveries are crucial to the success of a manufacturing firm. The AltheaSuite Inventory Management Software helps businesses streamline their planning and scheduling processes and utilize their resources so as to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum wastage. You’ll improve your customer service and delivery times and cut down on operational costs.
Businesses across different sectors, including retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, can use the AltheaSuite Inventory Management System to create price estimates for their clients. Giving your clients quotes for inventory purchases will instill more confidence in them, encouraging them to return to your firm for all their business-related purchases. By creating quotes. You can create price estimates for all the goods in your inventory.
Barcode Stickers
With the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software, you can create barcode stickers for all the products in your inventory. Designing and printing your own will help you cut down on costs, as your business will save money that would otherwise be spent on outsourcing barcode sticker production to a third party.
These barcode stickers can be printed for raw material, semi-finished goods, or finished products
The better your firm’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the more successful your firm will be. You can improve your firm’s relationship with its clients with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. It allows you to create special discounts for loyal customers, ask for feedback and allows you to engage with your clients.
Reorder Levels
Never lose track of available stock in your inventory again with AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. The software tracks the quantity of each item in your inventory and suggests purchase orders for items that are running low. You can reorder from your preferred vendors and keep your inventory fully stocked at all times.
Lot Numbers
Assigning lot numbers to each batch in the inventory helps businesses track their assets more effectively. You can assign lot numbers and manage your inventory in multiple warehouses using the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Point of Sale
You can set up a secure Point of Sale (POS) terminal for your online business with The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software for small and medium-sized enterprises. This tool allows your clients to pay for their purchases online, therefore creating an additional source of revenue for your company.
Managing business taxes is a necessary but often very tedious and time-consuming task. You can now get it done in minutes, thanks to the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. It allows businesses to manage sales tax, create customized tax rules, and file business taxes on time.
The shipping feature in the software is integrated with ShipStation. This feature lets you ship goods through a variety of companies, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You can make shipments within the US or abroad.
Quick-Books Integration
The software comes with QuickBooks Online. You can use the cloud-based accounting solution to manage your company’s financial transactions, such as generating employee payrolls.
Financial Accounting
With Althea’s financial accounting feature, managing accounting books has become simpler than ever for manufacturing firms. Using this feature, you can record expenses accrued, manage inventory invoices, and generate balance sheets.
You can track employee progress at work with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. Employees can log their shifts by clocking in and out and managing their workday better.
The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software offers comprehensive business reporting features online. You can keep track of your inventory, view total sales and profits, and more.

Get better control over your inventory

BOM Assembly Materials

Key Features of AltheaSuite for Manufacturing Industry

Bill of Material (Kitting)

Multi Level BOM

Multi-level manufacturing documents that will manage finished products, assemblies, and raw material stock

Tree View

Add multiple levels to your BOM and get a Tree view of your parent items and child items.

BOM Attachments

Add multiple attachments to your products with BOM.

Dismantle Products

You can also dismantle manufactured products into its child item to help you with repair and part replacement.


Multiple costing methods and multiple reports to help you with all your costing and inventory needs.

Excel upload

A quick and easy way to upload all your BOM levels.

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Accurate Data

Accuracy in reporting is essential for a business to function properly. Althea has proven itself as a more reliable, accurate, and capable reporting tool than the competition

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Our solutions work on all modern web browsers and some of the modules also have companion smart device apps for Android and iOS.

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Our Cloud-based business management software offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast. 

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Althea’s solutions are modular and designed to scale with your business needs. Add business functions as you grow.

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