A Cloud Based Solution To Manage Your Retail

Manage sales, track expenses, get a real-time view of your inventory and view financial reports when and where you need them.

Key features of AltheaSuite for retail business

Accounting & Finance
Barcode printing & Scan
BI & Analytics
Tax Management

Seamless integrations with your business essentials

All-in-one retail solution that makes your retail operations and stock handling simplified

A Cloud-based solution that will work anywhere, on any device

Single Solution for your Business
  • Althea Suite’s all-inclusive software has everything you need to power your business. Our cloud-based management software offers various tools that let you scale your business from anywhere at any time!
  • Our modern software is compatible with multiple web browsers
  • Our software is capable of dealing with sales and revenues in multiple currencies.
  • You can operate your business from multiple locations.
Inventory Management
  • Our software enables you to track your inventory in real-time.
  • Customizable dashboards that let you view multiple items of the same category.
  • User-friendly and intuitive search capabilities.
  • Easy integration with MS Excel.
  • Configure your inventory database.
  • Offering detailed views of inventory ledgers
  • Robust stock audits to track down stock discrepancies.
  • Althea Suite’s cloud-based inventory management system lets you track your inventory at multiple warehouses, trucks, and locations
  • You can ensure a swift, smooth and seamless transfer of your stock between different warehouses.
  • You can assign different locations to your products if you own multiple retail stores.
  • Get individual or consolidated stock value in warehouses and retail stores.
Inventory Flow
  • Althea Suite can provide updated tracking of inventory as it comes from the manufacturing warehouse to storage and then to retail stores.
  • Access the software via smartphones to create transfers between warehouses and stores.
  • Quick barcode scanning to push inventory.
  • Real-time updating of inventory after each sale.
  • Alerts for stockouts and excess stocks.
Purchase Order
  • Althea Suite’s inventory management software provides you with the ability to quickly create purchase orders for low-stock items.
  • You can pick and choose your desired warehouse/supplier for retail stores.
  • Integration abilities to directly send an email to the supplier.
  • Customized dashboard providing detailed information on all your past purchase orders.
  • You can create custom payment modes that suit your needs and requirements. Our software also lets you accept omnichannel payments.
  • Comprehensive records of advanced payment to suppliers and customers through customized dashboards.
  • Create detailed reports of your inflows and outflows to devise impactful cash flow strategies and plan for the future.
Serial Numbers
  • Assign automatic serial numbers to products at the time of transfer from the warehouse.
  • Provides seamless tracking of products.
  • Track and trace the items sold to customers.
  • Track inventory and order promptly in case of low stock.
  • It makes it easier to recall faulty items through serial number tracking.
Barcode Stickers
  • AltheaSuite offers significant customization ability where you can print custom barcode stickers for your products.
  • Ability to print various designs and types of stickers to suit your products and offerings.
  • The software is easily compatible with any sort of printer. You can use any laser printer for barcode printing.
  • AltheaSuite offers quality CRM integration where you can create custom fields for your customers.
  • Our state-of-the-art software allows you to manage customer loyalty.
  • You can create schemes and promotions.
  • Effective targeted marketing campaigns to get maximum sales and revenues.
  • Categorize different customer demographics and multiple price lists.
Reorder Levels
  • You can create customized re-order rules where low stock is automatically ordered when hitting a certain level.
  • Our cloud-based inventory management software will promptly alert you of low stock levels and provide an automated option to re-order.
  • You can place your order through your preferred vendor with a click of a button.
Lot Numbers
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software lets you manage your inventory by assigning lot numbers for your products.
  • You can get a detailed report about your consolidated products through your smartphone.
  • See the batch-wise breakup of your inventory and stock ahead.
  • You can see the batch of products expiring soon and put specials to clear them out or order new ones to replace them.
Point of Sale
  • AltheaSuite software offers state-of-the-art POS capabilities to track daily sales.
  • You can set up a cash register for different employees to see the best performing ones.
  • Manage your cash through authorized usage. Add/remove money seamlessly.
  • Hourly logs for your employees for streamlined payroll processing.
  • User role management capabilities.
  • Can send e-invoices/receipts if requested.
  • You can create custom tax rules to comply with regulations in your location.
  • AltheaSuite automatically calculates sales tax and assists in complex taxation calculations.
  • You can receive DOR reports for smooth and seamless tax filing.
  • Ability to instantaneously calculate tax on individual products and items.
  • AltheaSuite offers seamless integration abilities with ShipStation.
  • You can ship products to your customers through FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.
  • The software will check relevant shipping rates and schedules from different carriers.
  • It also offers the ability to print custom shipping labels and customer addresses.
  • Ensures seamless and prompt shipping of products.
Quick-Books Integration
  • AltheaSuite offers seamless integration ability with one of the best accounting software, QuickBooks.
  • You can integrate our software through QuickBooks Online or get the desktop version.
  • Our inventory tracking management software offers quick import of customer data, sales, and vendor records to QuickBooks.
  • Makes the whole accounting process quite easy.
Financial Accounting
  • Helps maintain books and ledgers through QuickBooks integration.
  • You can see business revenue reports and make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Record all your daily expenses.
  • Ability to generate automated reports such as Balance Sheets and P&L statements that indicate the financial position of your business.
  • Offers seamless employee management capabilities.
  • Easy Clock in and Clock Out systems to keep check of work logs.
  • Set up different cash registers to track employee sales, commissions, and performance-related bonuses.
  • AltheaSuite offers significant reporting capabilities.
  • You can generate P&L at different levels and balance sheets for business performance.
  • Reports related to inventory and sales can be generated on your smartphone.
  • Offers reports customization abilities.
  • Seamless import of data through MS Excel.

Automated Solution for Business Growth


The dashboard Provide crucial insights into current business health. See total sales of today, this week and compare this week sales to last week, and last month.

Loyalty Program

Grow repeat business with your own customer loyalty program. Create Loyalty Programs for different customer groups. Define the number of loyalty points per dollar spent.


Get simple daily summaries delivered to your inbox. Receive day’s data on sales, payments, and purchases by sms or email.


Create custom fields as per your business requirements. Customize your sales invoice with your branding. Create users roles and restrict access to important documents.

Gift Cards

Issue Gift cards through AltheaSuite. Process Gift card payments. Allow your customers to reuse gift cards with balance amount and recharge their Gift cards.

Schemes and Promotions

Define your own schemes and promotions. Create item, category or customer specific discounts. Supports percentage and flat amount discount rules.

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