Complete Service
Company Solution

Complete Service Company and Inventory Management Solution

Run your service team
and know your true inventory.

Perform tasks in seconds like:

Transferring stock from your warehouse to your trucks

Knowing stock levels in your trucks

Sending quotes and invoices 

Schedule, perform, and bill out 

Create one-time or reoccurring services

Pick, packing, and scheduling delivery orders

Reordering low-stock to meet your safety stock level

Real-Time Inventory Management

Adjust your inventory in Real-Time. Create various custom fields that allow multiple views of the same catalog with robust searching capabilities. Any Windows/Apple/Android/iOS based handheld device can be used to manage stock.

Stock Transfers

Use your smartphone, tablets, or barcode scanners to move your stock in and out with barcode scanning. Manage stock in transit while transfers are en route to the destination.

Manage Sales & Stock

You can create invoices in seconds. Reduce your stock when the order is fulfilled. Pick, pack and dispatch all sales orders and reduce inventory automatically. Print or email the invoice with your branding.

Schedule on the Calendar

Intuitive calendar-based dashboard with drag and drop interface. Customize the calendar to view your upcoming appointments in a day, week, and month view. Check the appointments of a particular employee or equipment.

Manage Drop-Shipments

Create Purchase Orders with drop shipping whenever you need items delivered to a location. You can assign preferred suppliers to items ahead of time to speed up the process.

Low Stock Alerts!

Assign preferred vendors for each product. AltheaSuite will suggest PO to be generated based on items that are running low on inventory. It will also help you pick the most beneficial supplier for the product purchase.

Complete your service. Drop off product.
And get on to the next.

Easy to Use

Manage your services​

Customer Management

Real-Time Reports