Cloud based software for Wire & Cable businesses

Manage products, define multi-level BOMs, serial numbers, manage orders, execute manufacturing

Key Features of AltheaSuite for Wire & Cable Business

Work Order
Bill of Materials
Purchase Management
Kitting & Bundles
Finance Management
Barcode printing & Scan
BI & Analytics
Tax Management
Delivery Management

Seamless integrations with your business essentials

Integrated Manufacturing Software for Business Growth

A Cloud-based solution that will work anywhere, on any device

Single Solution for your Business
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software provides state-of-the-art solutions to help you grow your business.
  • Our cloud-based solutions provide flexibility to operate your business remotely.
  • Our web-based software can be accessed from different browsers.
  • Take orders from international customers in different currencies.
  • You can control warehouses and multiple store locations in different states from your smartphone.
Inventory Management
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software assists in the real-time tracking of inventory.
  • The software provides the option of customized dashboards that enables you to view products of the same category.
  • It helps you search for products seamlessly through an intuitive portal.
  • Offers integration abilities with spreadsheet software such as MS Excel.
  • Review real-time stock reports.
  • AltheaSuite’s warehouse management software helps you keep track of all your inventory between different locations.
  • The software enables you to quickly transfer stock between different locations.
  • You can assign locations to products if you have more than one point of sale.
  • Comprehensive reports on stocks in different locations and warehouses.
Inventory Flow
  • Our inventory management software lets you see the flow of your products from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse and ultimately to the stores.
  • Our software lets you access your business through your smartphone to keep you updated on the go.
  • Seamless barcode scanning for quick inventory movement.
  • Stock updates after every sale or return.
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software helps you immediately re-order stock for items that need replenishing.
  • You get the ability to choose your desired suppliers.
  • Offers seamless communication with suppliers.
  • A comprehensive dashboard detailing all your past purchases with a consolidated dollar value that indicates your expenditure.
  • AltheaSuite’s premium stock management software lets you create custom payment methods and supports omnichannel environments.
  • Custom dashboards allow you to track all your payments to suppliers, including any advanced payments.
  • Track and trace all your pending orders.
  • Get consolidated and detailed reports regarding your cash flow and expenditure to help you create future strategies.
Serial Numbers
  • AltheaSuite’s customized software provides the ability to assign specific serial numbers to products.
  • Ensures a comprehensive tracking system of products.
  • Recover and replace faulty items through unique serial numbers
  • Order low stock immediately.
Barcode Stickers
  • AltheaSuite inventory management software lets you print custom barcodes for your wires and cables.
  • It helps you identify different types of products without any trouble.
  • You can print barcodes of different shapes and sizes to suit your products.
  • Compatible with any laser printer used for barcode printing.
  • AltheaSuite’s all-in-one solutions provide seamless CRM services where you can enter customer details and keep track of their purchases.
  • Create customized marketing campaigns and loyalty rewards schemes to boost sales.
  • Categorize sets of customers and create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Get detailed reports of the number of customers, their product preferences, and more.
Set Reorder Levels
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software lets you automatically re-order stocks when they hit a certain level.
  • You can set re-order rules according to your business needs and requirements so that you never have to worry about running low on stock.
  • Our cloud-based inventory management software provides prompt alerts when stock levels hit pre-determined levels.
  • Ensures seamless order placement process.
Lot Number Management
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software lets you assign lot numbers for your products necessary in the wire and cabling industry.
  • Get detailed reports filtered through lot numbers to gain an accurate understanding of stock and batch levels.
  • You can see all inventory breakups through unique lot numbers on your smartphone.
Point of Sale
  • AltheaSuite’s management software provides POS integration capabilities to track stock levels and daily revenues.
  • The ability to set up different cash registers to track sales per employee.
  • Enables secure and seamless cash handling.
  • Offers daily reconciliations of the cash register against sales.
  • Maintain employee logs to ensure swift payroll processing.
  • AltheaSuite’s smart software will assist you in setting up custom tax rules that ensure compliance with relevant local taxation rules.
  • The software automatically calculates applicable taxes according to the rules and ensures accurate and reliable financial reporting.
  • You can file taxes with ease.
  • AltheaSuite software lets you ship your products with ease.
  • The software integrates swiftly with ShipStation, which can help you check shipping rates and schedules from different carriers.
  • Ship your products through FedEx, USP, USPS, and more.
Quick-Books Integration
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software works seamlessly with other financial and accounting software such as QuickBooks.
  • Handle all your finances and accounting transaction through QuickBooks’s web or desktop version.
  • It offers the ability to integrate crucial data such as customer information, sales history, purchases, and more.
  • Ensures a swift and accurate accounting process.
Financial Accounting
  • AltheaSuite can help you maintain your ledgers through QuickBooks.
  • Generate daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly revenue reports, which can be used to make data-driven decisions.
  • Swiftly record expenses and revenues.
  • Get your balance sheets, P&L, and cash flow statements on your smartphone.
  • AltheaSuite employee management offers user management options at POS
  • Generate employee timesheets by integrating Clock in and Clock Out systems.
  • Set up different cash registers to track employee sales, commissions, and performance-related bonuses.
  • AltheaSuite’s all-inclusive software can generate different kinds of business reports that offers an overview of your company.
  • Generate P&L for different sectors of your business to identify products generating the most revenue and profits.
  • Generate customized reports that impact the business decision-making process.

Streamline Order Management Process

Custom Workflow

AltheaSuite order management will allow you to set up your customized workflow with which you will be able to segregate your orders in different work queues

Inventory Check

Check stock availability for all the products in the order. Place a stock transfer request for short quantities directly from the sales order screen.

Drop Shipping

Create a Drop Shipping for products that are shipped directly to your customers from your suppliers.

Keep your Customers Informed

AltheaSuite order management has built in capabilities to notify end customer if customer approval or interaction is needed for a specific order.

Manage Dispatch

Ship a part of the order they placed, you can process partial items, partial quantities and move remaining items to new order.

Refunds and Credit Notes

Easily process product returns and issue credit notes. AltheaSuite will automatically adjust the inventory level for returned products.

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