A comprehensive Inventory management solution for all businesses

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Multi Channel Warehouse Management

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Many different Views of your Inventory

Consolidated Value of your Inventory

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Manage Stock

Powerful inventory management integrated with sales system. Easily record available stock across all locations. Update stock changes in real time.

Stock Audits

Perform quick stock audits & find discrepancies between actual & expected inventory. Track missing stock. Manage perishable items & shrinkage.

Batch & Expiring Items

Keep track of your product batch numbers & their corresponding expiration dates. Use manual batches or FIFO. Generate reports to view stock as per batch.

Serial Number Tracking

Use serial numbers provided by the manufacturer or utilize new serial numbers. Keep track of faults and warranty claims. Print barcode stickers that capture both SKU and serial number with a single scan. Associate multiple serial numbers to a single device.

Stock Transfers

Move stock easily from one warehouse to another with a complete audit trail. Manage stock in transit while transfers are en route to the destination.

Label Maker

Create label numbers and assign to inventory items to keep track of the stock counts. Print customized barcodes on sticker rolls or sheets.


Easily maintain a specified stock level, get notifications about low stock, reorder in time and never lose a sale. Assign preferred vendors for each product.

Item Kitting

Create new items out of existing inventory. Bundles make it easy to manage ingredients, combine inventory components, and have alternative versions of your existing inventory. No more complicated gymnastics, just bundle your items and let Althea handle the complexities.

For your Manufacturing Unit

Wholesale or Retail Businesses

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