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with comprehensive inventory management, order management, manufacturing and Point of Sale

Run Your

Appliance store, Furniture retail, Mattress Store, Lights store, Manufacturing units, Wholesale business

Looking for the right solution to fit your business size?

AltheaSuite is an innovative, modular, cloud based ERP solution that will work on your PC/MAC and smart phone with all its features. It includes inventory management, sales and orders, POS, purchase, appointments, services, manufacturing processes and much more.  With our enterprise level in depth analytics screens, get a greater perspective of your business data and make profitable business decisions.

Furniture Retail


Mattress Store

Lights Store



We work with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers with business of various size

Are you tired of fumbling through multiple applications or heaps of excel sheets to make sense of your business data?

Are you tired of combining data from multiple sources to finally get a view on your business?

Do you wish that you had the ability to know how your business is doing just with one glance at your smartphone? 

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, AltheaSuite is what you are looking for.

The AltheaSuite Solution

Partnering with AltheaSuite, an innovation centric technology company, for your business management solution will help you take advantage of what technology has to offer in recent times.

Cloud Based

No need for internal infrastructure, AWS dependability

Clean and very Intuitive user interface

Easy to use and very low training time

Modern technology and 100% compatibility with smartphones

Stay connected with your business from anywhere in the world

Comprehensive Solution with Modular design

You can do everything in a single solution. Find a solution for whatever you need to do for your business from purchase to delivery and everything in between. Pick and choose the features you need. Grow with AltheaSuite.

The AltheaSuite approach

Understand the real life problem, provide a simple solution, go that extra mile to make sure to fit perfectly for the business to solve the problem at hand

The AltheaSuite Advantage

Feature rich with wide range of business functionalities yet modular and cost effective

Fast Setup and Easy Transition from existing processes / software

Get started quickly with Excel data imports from existing systems Upload existing item catalog, opening stocks, customers, pending balances and orders Many ways to get the startup data in and get started quickly

Strong Reporting and Analytical tools

ERP software is no good if does not tell you what you need to know Plenty of reports, graphical views and analytical data to make smart decisions

Focus on appliances stores and furniture stores

Especially built to manage the complex inventory management needs Specific features to handle deliveries, purchases and sales for these business verticals

Built on customer feedback

We listen to our customers, the user interface and features are implemented based on real customer needs and feedback

Active product and regular updates

AltheaSuite technology allows us to add new things fast and stay up to date.

What does AltheSuite address?

We have a very large set of features and modules that are especially geared towards running successful furniture and appliances retail stores and manufacturing units

Purchase Decisions

What to buy, when to buy, for how much and from whom Who to buy it for, specifications for the purchase, ship directly to the end customer

Smart Invoicing

Strong Point of Sale, Smart combos, groups, Special orders, Order instructions, delivery instructions Multiple price lists, seasonal discounts, digital signature captures. Smart tax calculations

Order Management

Order-to-dispatch workflow, inventory planning with orders, deposits against orders Orders to PO conversions, drop shipping, planning dispatch via multiple warehouses

Inventory management answers

What do I have, where is it, what is coming and when, what is to be delivered, how much more do I need Where has it gone, which customer has the serial number, who supplied it, when was it purchased, it is under warranty

Comprehensive Delivery and Shipping

Calendar based delivery management, schedule customer pick ups, digital signature and picture capture, UPS and Ship engine integration, print shipping labels Picking and packing with pick lists and schedules from multiple warehouses for a single order

Task distribution and Schedule management

Keep everyone focused and productive with calendar and kanban board

Barcode Stickers

Promote your brand by customizing the barcode stickers. Barcoding significantly improves the productivity in warehouses, inventory management and while invoicing

Built to integrate seamlessly with

That porkies barney me old mucker blower buggered only a quid Queen's English chap spiffing good time, cup of char daft blimey.


Web connector with desktop editions, Quickbooks Online, IIF file exports

Payment Gateways

Payroc, Stripe, Square, Heartland

eCommerce - online website

Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce

Retailer Web Services

Retail Deck


Ship engine, UPS


Google Maps, Gmail, Google sign on, Azure/Microsoft Login, Apple login, LDAP Login, Custom email Servers, Twilio, other SMS gateways, Hubspot

What Our Customers Say

Find out what our customers are saying about our products.

Cindy Barjas CEO, Beare Sweets Snacks

I have had a great experience so far. We use barcoding, Inventory tracking, sales. This program has made it easier for us. It seems like anything is possible with AltheaSuite. The price is much better and they worked on personalizing this software to our business needs.

Gail Owner, Dixie Cabinets

AltheaSuite is a great asset to our company. It has been wonderful in helping us manage inventory for our warehouse. We use Althea for our cabinet inventory. The customer support is always amazing. Their team goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product.

Dr.Nic.J.Brownless CText FTI​ Chief Operating Officer, Eeonyx Corp​

I am extremely pleased with the AltheaSuite and very impressed with the level of professionalism, receptiveness, product knowledge, help, and understanding that the team has provided. They have truly provided a great product and an outstanding service to date and I am happy to recommend them to everyone.

Jake Manager Local Local Appliance store

When I started as assistant manager at a new appliance store in Hilo Hawaii, I was tasked with working on getting the POS system up and running. When I first started, another program was being used, but was inefficient, clunky, and wholly frustrating. We decided that a new system would be needed, and that is when we explored working with AltheaSuite. Since implementation of this POS system our inventory is tracked far more easily and efficiently. Concurrently, tasks take half the time, thereby leading to a more pleasant customer experience. We want our work to be speedy and efficient. The customers want our work to be speedy and efficient. AltheaSuite has facilitated this for us through spectacular customer service of their own to help us achieve our goals, along with detailed and specifically tailored work on our system for our company.

Kirti Muley Owner Simpli Desi

It gives me immense pleasure to write this review for one of best softwares we used for our food business Simplydesi in sammamish wa . Althea is platform where your business can do all things at one place and we understood this when we started using their software in our second year of business. I will highly recommend Althea and a big shout out to wonderful support team. I cannot end this review without mentioning Deepa and Alok - they are the force behind Althea. They will go above and beyond to make sure your business requirements are fulfilled.

John C. President. Sigma Instruments

The staff and software are top notch. The two together have helped us integrate our inventory management, customer management and order management in less than 3 months. The team designed Althea specifically for our exact business needs and at a cost that is affordable to any small business. This level of sophistication has taken a lot of stress out of our business and reduced our costs far beyond on Althea's price. We have only just started to enjoy the efficiency gains which again will far outweigh the price. Business is about making the proper investment and in my opinion... this is a good one you shouldn't pass up.

Jodi T. Vice President Internet Operations

As a liquidation business, we carry a very large catalog of inventory. We approached Althea with various inventory and distribution problems we were encountering. We reviewed the issues with the Program Manager and she consistently found solutions for us. We were so impressed with Althea's products and teams that we outsourced all of the Shopify and SellBrite implementation and integration work to Althea. Working with them has brought our ecommerce business to the next level.