Bring Your Store Online To Serve Your Customers

Need to take orders online? We want to help you. In less than 48 hours we will get your store up and running. Stay open, stay connected and continue with your business with our ecommerce inventory management software.

One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features
you need to start, run, and grow your business

You can get back in business right now, even during these difficult times.

Delight your guests with an online experience that will keep them coming back

No-Contact Order Management

Customer goes to your online menu and places an order.

Email / SMS Notification 

Once the order is placed, you and your customer will both be notified about order number via simple text message/email

Order Details

The orders placed shows up on your Althea Suite login. Orders will also show in your Kitchen, where Althea KOT app is running.

Print Order Receipt

Once the order is ready, you’ll print a receipt with large order number and attach it to the pickup package. You’ll then place it in your pick up area.

Order Picked Up

Your customer would come to the pickup area, match his order number to the printed receipt, and then take home the package. This procedure does not involve any personal interaction.

Online ordering built just for your store

Ease of Access

Your customers will be able to order from your own website using their desktop, tablet or mobile device. They can easily checkout using the guest login.


You can choose from our templates or get your own theme and color. Add your logo, banner and your company pages. Manage a single catalog across online and offline channels, no more double entry.

Accept Payments

Accept payments from your customers on your online shop. Use Square, Stripe, Card Connect or Paypal. We offer integration with your payment gateway.

Online Orders

Orders generated on the website will show up on your Althea Suite. Get sms and email alerts of your orders. Define order slots. Manage your pickup and delivery orders.

Easy Management

Use Althea's dashboard to update your menu on the fly. Up-sell by providing options of related menu items at time of sale. Inventory syncs in real-time across locations and systems.

Get Started

Fast data entry with excel import of your menu. Ready payment gateway integration, just create an account. Owners can now explore these options in a stress free manner.

Improve your business without increasing the cost


Use your existing hardware. Althea Suite is a web based solution that works on any device.

Quick Books

Easily send your data to quick books online on a button click. Connect without the need of other third party services

Manage your Business in single solution

No need to manage menu and stock at two places. Althea is integrated with your online website

Ready to get started?

Talk to our expert team to find out how Althea Suite can help you grow your business


Yes, your website will be responsive and will work on all devices.

Yes, you can sell products online using website powered by us.  Althea Suite provides you with one platform with all Point of Sale, inventory and eCommerce features.

Websites powered by us are integrated with Althea Suite. All the online orders, inventory will be managed in Althea Suite so it is essential to use Althea Suite to get started with online ordering.

A notification will be received for each new order and you will also receive an email letting you know that there’s a new order.

Yes, you can send out SMS/Email notifications when an order is ready/delivered.

Yes,  you can and it is very simple.

Out of stock items will not be displayed on the online ordering menu if you have configured those settings.

We support Paypal, Stripe, Square,, card connect and can also customize and add others according to your needs at an additional charge.

HDKOT is an Android and iOS companion app. Use on your Android and IOS devices for managing your Kitchen Order Token (KOT)