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Step 1 : Go to your AltheaSuite account. Enter the User Id and Password, click on the Login button.

Step 2 : From the main menu option, go to Products > Items.

Step 3 : Click on + New button or Modify existing item by clicking on item context menu option.

Step 4 : From the list, select Modify. This will bring up Modify Item screen.

Step 5 : Click on Edit Opening Stock.

Step 6 : Transaction Date is considered as per the Financial Year Date set in Settings > General Settings.  

Step 7 : Click on + Add button and New Opening Stock screen will come up.

Step 8 : Select the Warehouse where you want to add opening stock. Enter either Opening Stock in Sales Units or Opening Stock in Purchase Units, accordingly the Stock in other field will populate. Click on Create.

Note : If you want to add opening stock of 1 for every item created, go to Settings > Inventory Settings and mark the checkbox Add opening stock of 1 or item at creation time. Also select the Warehouse where this stock should be added and click on Apply.

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