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Using this Tutorial we will be able to understand how to convert an existing Order to a Sales Invoice.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : On the Main Menu on the left, navigate to Orders > Orders.

Step 3 : Select the Order that you want to convert. Then click on the 3 dots to open the context menu.

Step 4 : Now click on Create Invoice to convert the order to an Invoice.

Step 5 : You can now change the Sales Price, Add Manual Discounts or Add Item level notes to products if required.

Step 6 : Review the Total payable amount and click on Pay Now to move to payment screen.
(Note: You can also send a payment link to the customer from Althea from the indicated button)

 Step 7 : Now click on the Payment Mode of your choice. 

Then click on the black arrow button to populate the payable amount. 

Step 8 : Click on Save button to complete the invoice creation or Save & Print to print a copy of the invoice.

You will now see in the Orders screen that the Order shows as Invoiced.

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