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Create Sales Invoice against the Service Document

Create Sales Invoice against the Service Document

Step 1: From the Service Documents manager, select the document from the grid and click on the 3 dotted icon.

Step 2: Select the Modify option from the list.

Step 3: You will see the Edit Service Document window opened. Scroll down the window to the Billable Items section. Click on the Add Billable Transaction toolbar button to add the item that you want to Invoice.

Step 4: It will open the Item Manager window, select the item that you want to invoice. Click on OK.

Step 5: Once you add the Billable Item in the grid, you can change the price and quantity of the item to be invoiced. You can check the checkbox Reduce from Stock if you want the stock of the item to reduce from your inventory after you update the service document.

You can also add the items under the Used Up Items tab. The items added here will not show in the Invoice but the stock of the item will reduce from the inventory.

Step 6: Once you have added a billable item, click on the Update button.

Step 7: Now click on the 3 dotted icon again and select Create Sales Invoice option.

Step 8: You will see a New Invoice window with the customer, employee and items populated from the service document. 

Step 9: Click on the Pay Now button.

Step 10: In the Payment window, select the payment mode and enter the received amount. Click on the Save button.

Step 11: Once the Invoice is saved, the document status and the action status of the service document will change to their final status respectively.

Step 12: You can also view the Sales Invoice created by click on the 3 dotted icon of the service document and then select View Invoice option.

Step 13: It will then open the View Service Invoice window which will show you the details of the invoiced item, customer, and payment details.

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