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Getting Started with AltheaSuite

This article assumes you have created your trial account. If not, see the article Creating your free trial account, then return here for the next step to set up your account.

Login to AltheaSuite

Your account is identified with ([yourcompanyname] URL, which is set when you create your AltheaSuite account.

Enter your User ID and Password you created during initial registration and click on Login.

Before you start adding items and setting up your taxes, there are few administrative tasks you should do.

A Company, Business Location, and a Warehouse will be created with a name you entered during registration of AltheaSuite. You can update your store details such as Address, Email, Phone number, TIN Number and other details. This information will be used to display on your sales receipts and other documents.

To update your Company, Business Location, or Warehouse details, follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Update Company details

  • From the main menu option, go to Locations > Company.

  • Click on the [ ⋮ ] button to modify your company details.

  • Enter company details in the appropriate fields including TIN Number, Phone Number, E-mail, Address and click on Update.

Step 2 : Update Business Location details

  • From the main menu option, go to Locations > Business Location.

  • Click on the [ ⋮ ] button to modify your business location details.

  • Enter business location details in the appropriate fields including Phone Number, E-mail, Address and click on Update.

Step 3 : Set up Tax

If all your products have a default tax applied, configure the Default Item Tax in Business Location. This tax rate will be applied automatically during each sale and purchase.

Start with the article Setting up Tax Rates for more guidance.

Step 4: Add Products

In order to process a sale, you need to create at least an item/product in your database.

Start with the article how to add products for more guidance.

Step 5: Complete a Sale

Start with the article How to Perform a sale in AltheaSuite for more guidance.


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