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Step 1: The Delivery Driver needs to login from their device using their own login credentials. 













Step 2: Then navigate to Deliveries -> Trips from the Main Menu.

Trips module shows a list of all the assigned trips along with their associated Delivery Drivers.

Step 3: The Delivery Driver will now select the Show only my Trips checkbox.

Step 4: Click trip options and select Accept to accept the selected Trip. You will see confirmation message, click on Yes to confirm. 

Step 5: The driver needs to select the respective delivery order again and select Start when he wants to start the Trip. Click delivery options and click Start.

Step 6: A Start Trip screen will appear. Click Start Trip to start your trip. You will get confirmation message, click Yes to continue.

Step 7: You will see all the orders assigned to this trip. Orders will be sorted by their distance from your starting point .Verify the order details and click on Go to start a navigation.

Step 8: Now AltheaSuite will redirect you to Google Maps to show the route to reach the Delivery Address.

Step 9: When the delivery driver reaches the destination, he needs to click on Deliver to mark the order as delivered.

Step 10: The system will now open a Invoice Delivery  popup to capture the customer’s Signature / Delivery image. 

  • Enter the Receiver’s Name and click Start to start capturing the Signature.


Step 11: The click Accept to save changes. You can also capture delivery related images and add any Delivery Notes.

Step 12: Click on Mark as Delivered or Mark as Undelivered to complete the delivery process.

Step 13: You can now follow the same steps(as after Step 11) to start delivering the  other orders in that Trip.

Step 14: Once all orders have been delivered, you can click on Go to open navigation to the starting home address.