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Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu on the left, navigate to Locations -> Printers.

Step 3: Click New Button to configure a new Printer.

Step 4: Now select your Business Location for whom the setting has to be done.

Step 5: Enter a Friendly Name in the respective field.
Please Note: Friendly Name is a name that you can give to the Printer to easily differentiate it for your understanding. Example, it can be something such as Kitchen Printer, Counter Printer etc

Step 6: Now enter the actual Printer Name. You need to make sure that the name entered in this field is exactly matching with the name of your printer.

If in case you only have one Printer installed in your system, you can enter the name as Default so that it takes your default printer.

Step 7: Click Create to save the changes.

Please Note: In case if you have a Printer that is connected to your LAN Network, then check on the box Is Network Printer.

Then Enter the IP Address of the Printer, specify the Port Number and select the Text Encoding.


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