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How to add job work item

Follow the steps given below to add BOM items that are made by job work supplier.

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: Navigate to Products and select Items option.

Step 3: Click + New option to add new item.

Step 4: Enter the item name and select the item category. 

Step 5: Select Has BOM checkbox and click Set BOM to define BOM for this item.

Refer tutorial  > How to define BOM for an Item to learn more.

Step 6: Check Made By Supplier checkbox. This option will be visible only when item is marked Has BOM.

  • SKU for Jobwork Service Item – Enter service charge item SKU in this field.

Step 7: Navigate through the sections and fields of the item window, entering information as appropriate and click Create. 

* represents the required fields

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