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In this tutorial we’ll cover how to add new cash register to your Althea POS subscription. 

1. From main menu option, go to Locations > Cash Registers.

2. Click on New Item button on the top-left to launch New Cash Register page.

3. One you’ve clicked + New, you see Add New Cash Register page where you need to complete the relevant fields to add new cash register.

Business Location Name

Select the business location to add a new cash register.

Cash Register Number

Enter unique number for your new cash register. This will appear at the start of the cash register name, i.e 05-Jordan.

Cash Register Name

The name of your new cash register. 

Cash Register Prefix

This can be any reference number or letter. This will appear at the start of the sales receipt number, i.e MJ0001.

4. Click on Save button.

You can always return at any time to Edit your cash register details.

To Edit a Cash Register 

Select the cash register from the list and Click on [ ⋮ ] button select Modify.

One you’ve clicked Modify, you see Modify Cash Register screen.

From there, you can edit the register’s details to your liking.

Click on Update once you are done.

Note: You are not allowed to change the business location of the cash register.

To View Cash Register Balance

Select the cash register to view the balance and Click on [ ⋮ ] button select Show Balance.

One you’ve clicked Show Balance, you see Cash Register Balance screen.

From there, you can view the register’s cash and card totals.

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