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Add Opening Stock Of Serialized Item

Opening stock with Serial Number can be added in AltheaSuite by following these steps.

Step 1: Login into your AltheaSuite account.


Step 2: From the main menu, go to Products > Items > Click on Context menu of an Item.


Step 3: Click Modify from the context menu.


Step 4:  On the modify item page, click on ‘Add Opening Stock’ 


Step 5: Enter “Unit Cost Of Good” & Then Click on +Add button to Add Inventory.


Step 6: Choose Warehouse, enter Opening stock and Click on Create button. 


Step 7: Hit ‘OK’.  To add items of another warehouse, repeat same steps.


Step 8: Scan Barcode for serial number Or Click on “Generate Random Numbers” for system generated serial numbers and Click Save.


Step 9: Click on ‘Update’ button to update all the information.


Step 10: Go back to Item in Main Option Menu.  Copy SKU

Step 11: To check Serial number created for an item, Go To Main Menu Option, click on “Inventory” then “Serial Numbers”.





Step 12: Type SKU in search bar Tab and you will find Serial number created for that item.

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