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How to add User Login

AltheaSuite allows you to create separate Login id’s for each User. This article will take you through the procedure to create Login.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu option, go to Employees  > Employees.

Step 3 : To add new User along with Login, follow this link Add New User/Login .

Step 4 : To add Login for existing User, select the employee, click on context menu (three dotted button) and select Modify.

Step 5 : Enable the Has Login checkbox.

  • Login Id: Give the employee a user name to login to AltheaSuite. 
  • Password: Enter a password used to login.
  • User Role: Assign a User Role to this employee based on the access to be given.

Step 6 : Click the Update button.

Note: Review your plan before creating new user, number of users are limited based on your current plan. You can change the number of users in your current plan by navigating to My Account > Change Number of Users.

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