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Assigning Item Location

Sometimes it becomes difficult to track the exact location of item in a Warehouse. AltheaSuite provides an option to assign location to all the items in each warehouse.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu option, go to Products > Item Locations.

Step 3 : Select the Warehouse for which you want to assign the item location.

Step 4 : Select the item for which you want to set location and click on Assign Item Location.

Step 5 : Enter the Location of selected item.

Step 6 : To quickly pick any saved location you can also click on drop down button, or type the location name in Quick Pick field.

Step 7 : You can also add new location to easily pick by clicking on 3 dotted button of Quick Pick field.

Step 8 : Select Add Location.

Step 9 : Enter the Location name and click on Create.

Step 10 : Select the Location you added now from the list and click on OK.

Step 11 : Click on Save. If you want to continue assigning location to next item click on Update & Continue. If you want to ignore assigning location to current selected item and move to next or previous item click on Next or Previous button.

Step 12 : To assign same location to multiple items you can select the items and click on Assign Item Location. Follow the same procedure mentioned in Step 5 to Step 11.

Assigning Item Location Through Excel

Step 1 : Select Export Item Location.

Step 2 : An excel file will be downloaded. Open it and enter the Location name for items in LOCATIONNAME column. Save the excel and close it.

Step 3 : Click on Import Item Location.

Step 4 : Select the Warehouse for which this location should be uploaded. Click on Browse and select the file from the path where it is saved. Click on Item Location Upload.

Step 5 : Once the file is uploaded you will get a message Import completed successfully. Close the window.

Remove Item Location

To remove the item location select single or multiple items and click on Remove Location. You will get a confirmation message, click on Yes.

Note : To get a list of all the items with and without Location, you can use check boxes Show Items With Location and Show Items Without Location.

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