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To add user roles, follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2. From main menu options, go to Employees -> User Roles.

Step 3. Click +New button to add new user role.

    • To update the existing user role, select the user role you want to update and from the context menu select Modify.

Step 4.  On the New User Role page, fill in Role Name (i.e. Cashier, Manager). Each role name must be unique.

Step 5.  Clickicon, you will see a complete breakdown of Althea’s module list, available for you to select what the user will have access to.

Note: By default, the all users will have full access to the account.

Step 6.  Simply untick the module/functionality you want to restrict the access and tick the module/functionality you want the user to have access.

For example: If you want to restrict a user to add new item to the inventory, expand Product module and click on the icon to expand item list. From item list untick New.

Step 7.  Click Create once you have done.


Assigning Employee User Role 

To Assign User Role to Employee, follow the steps below

Step 1. From main menu options, go to Employees -> Employees.

Step 2. Select the employee you want assign the user role.

Step 3. Click employee context menu [three dotted button] and from employee context menu, select Modify.

Step 4. Tick Has Login check box and enter Login Id & Password. Skip this step if you already created a login.

Step 5. In User Role filed, select the user role you want to assign this employee.

Step 6. Click Update once you have done. This user role come into effect the next time the user signs into the application.




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