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Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu options, navigate to Sales > Sales Invoices.

Step 3: Click Create Invoice to start creating a new Invoice.

Step 4: Select your customer and the Cashier name. Ensure that the Customer you have selected has Address details (Zip Code / City-State) mentioned.

Step 5: Now, select the Items to be invoiced. You can scan them via Barcode or search by Item Name.  If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear, or you can type in the item’s name to find the desired item.

Step 6: Select the checkbox To be Delivered and click + button to see available delivery slots.

Step 7: You will see Pick Delivery Slot popup,if you have created delivery slots correctly, select a delivery slot and click OK.

Step 8: After delivery slot selection, you can Send a Payment Link to the Customer. Or select Pay Now to look at other payment options.

Step 9: Now select the required Payment Mode and enter amount received in Amount field.

Step 10: Click on Save to complete the transaction. Or click on Save and Print print the Sales Invoice.

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