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How to create a new Payment Mode

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From main menu on the left, navigate to Settings.

Step 3: Now, click on Payment Modes.

Step 4: Click on the New button to start creating a new Payment Mode.


Step 5: Now, enter the Payment Mode name and the name that should be displayed.
You can also
pick a color to differentiate it from other payment modes.


Step 6(Optional): You can also create a Payment Type if required.  To do this follow steps as shown below:

Click on the 3 dotted button

Click on ‘Add Payment Type
Specify the Payment type name and click on create.

You can create these all Payment types similarly and select the one applicable for the respective Payment mode.



Step 7: Now we need to create a Financial Account that will be associated with the Payment Mode’s transactions.
Click on the 3 dotted button shown below:


Step 8: In Add Financial Account section:

  • Mention the Name of the Account.
  • Select the Account Type from the right (Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss).
  • Select the Account Group as shown.
  • Click on Save to create the financial account.
Step 9: When you are back on the Payment mode screen again, search and select the Account name that you just created. 
You can also assign a Display Order to it, this determines the order in which they are displayed on the Payment window.
Step 10: If you have multiple locations, you can also select for which locations the Payment Mode will be visible to. 
You can select the location as shown below and then click on Save to finish creating the Payment Mode.


Step 11: Now you will see the Payment Mode created. 


Step 12: Let us now head over to the Payment Screen of Sales Invoice creation to see how this Payment Mode looks like.

Go back to the main menu on the left.
Click on Sales -> Sales Invoices. Then click on Create Invoice.

Select a customer and list of items to be invoiced.

Click on the Pay Now button on the bottom to open the Payment screen.

Now, you are able to see the created Payment Mode and can start making invoices using this.

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