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AltheaSuite allows you to create an invoice from an Order for only those products which you choose to pick and pack.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From main menu options, go to Orders -> Orders. This page lists all orders you have created.

Step 3 : Select the order for which you want to create a Packing Invoice. If you are looking for any specific Order enter Order Number, Customer Name, Tracking number, etc in the search field. Click the find button to locate the Order.

Step 4 : Click the context menu (three dotted button) and select Create Packing Invoice.

Step 5 : A Packing Order screen will appear. Select the Warehouse to pick and pack the items. You need to choose the warehouse you are about to work with.

Step 6: The system will automatically list all the products of the Order.

Order Qty: This field will show the ordered quantity of an item.

Invoiced Qty: If the ordered quantity is 5 and invoice is already created for 2, this field will show the invoiced quantity i.e. 2.

Pending Qty: This field will show the difference of Order and Invoiced quantity. If an item is ordered for 5 qty and invoice is already created for 2, this field will show 3 qty.

Packed Qty: This field will show the item quantity you are packing now. It will start updating the quantity as soon as you start selecting the items.

Step 7: Pick items and scan their barcode in SKU field to pack the item. You can also manually select items that you want to pick and pack. If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear, or you can type in the item’s name to find the desired item.

Note: You will get negative stock warning message, if selected warehouse doesn’t have required stock for packing the items. Ensure that you have enough stock for the packing items. Go to Inventory –> Stock and choose the warehouse from the left side to see stock of each item.

  • Ask for quantity for each item on item scan: If you tick on this check box, each time you scan an item SKU Edit Quantity popup will appear, you can quickly enter the number of quantities of this item you want to pack.

Step 8: After you scan item SKU or select the item by name, the Packed Qty will be updated and the item will directly move to Invoice Details section. 

Step 9: Repeat the same steps to pack all the items from the Order. Once item is completely packed you will notice color change and item will shift to last in the list.

Step 10: If you wish to remove a packed item from the invoice details, select the item from the order details grid and click three dotted button to remove item from sales details or unpack the item.

Step 11: Click Pay Now to proceed to payment screen.

Step 12: Select the mode of payment and enter the Amount.

Step 13: Click on Save or Save & Print to complete the Packing Invoice.

Step 14: Once you complete the Packing Invoice the Order will update the Packing Status, Invoice Status and Shipping Status depending on number of items packed from Order.

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