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AltheaSuite allows Customers to use their Store Credit to purchase any product. This article will take you through the steps to create a Sales Invoice using Customer’s Store Credit.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu, navigate to Sales > Sales Invoices

Step 3 : Click + Create Invoice.

Step 4 : Select the Customer name for whom you are creating this Sales Invoice.

Step 5 : Select the items. If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear or you can type in the item’s name. You can also type or scan the SKU in the SKU field to find the desired item. Change the item quantity if required.

Step 6 : Click on Pay Now.

Step 7 : Select Store Credit.

Step 8 : You can see the Available Store Credit Amount of Customer. Out of this Available Store Credit, enter the Used Store Credit Amount for current Sales Invoice.

Note : If the Available Store Credit Amount is less than current Sales Invoice amount, you can use any other payment mode like Cash, Card, etc along with Store Credit. If the Available Store Credit Amount is more than current Sales Invoice amount, you can use the remaining Store Credit for Customer’s future purchases.

Step 9 : Save the Sales Invoice.

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