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How to create a Service document for a service


Step 1: Go to the Service Documents manager and click on the New toolbar button to create a new service document.

Step 2: Select the Customer by clicking on the drop-down menu or you can type the first few letters of the Customer Name or the Phone Number. Select the Employee for the service in the Assigned To field.

Step 3: In the Customer Item section, you can either select a previously invoiced item of the customer or add a new item for the service. To add the previously invoiced item, click on the drop-down menu and select the Item.

Step 4: To add a new item, check the checkbox Allow All Items and then click on the drop-down menu to choose the item for the service.

Step 5: Once the Item is selected, you will see the Item Name and it will have a unique service code. You can enter the Description for the service item if required.

You will see 2 radio buttons, select the service type.

Remote Service: This is generally used if you are providing service to your customer over the phone like product inquiry, product demo, or by remotely connecting to the customer’s computer for some software-related services.

On Premises: This is generally used when the customer delivers the item to be serviced to your service location.

Step 6: When you scroll down further, you can enter the userfield values if you have any customer item userfields. Then click on the Create button to save the service document.

Step 7: The saved service document will show up in the Service Document manager grid.

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