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How to create a subscription for repeat services on a weekly basis

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu option go to Settings > Service Subscriptions.

Step 3: In Service Subscriptions page enter the Number Of Weeks In Week Cycle

Step 4: Select the Start Date For Week Cycle by clicking on Modify.

Step 5: Enter the Number of months in advance to create subscription services schedules. You can enter months in the range of 1 to 18. While creating Subscription if there is no End Date defined, number of months entered here will be considered to create services for subscription.

Step 6: Enter the default status for new repeat service in New Repeat Service Instance Status field. Click Apply.

Step 7: From the main menu option go to Repeat Services > Subscriptions.

Step 8: Click Create Service Subscription.

Step 9: In the New Service Subscription page, select the Warehouse.

Step 10: Select the Start Date and End Date of this Service. Start Date is a mandatory field. End Date if not entered will consider the value entered in Number of months in advance to create subscription services schedules in Settings.

Step 11: Select the Service Representative and Service Team who is in-charge of this Service. You can select multiple team members in Service Team.

Step 12: Select the Status of the Subscription.

Step 13: Select the Customer and their Service Address. If Service Address and Billing Address are same, you can also mark the checkbox Use Billing Address as Service Address.

Step 14: Enter the Duration along with Unit required for each Service.

Step 15: To specify the Service Schedule click on Modify.

Step 16: Select radio button 4 Week Repeat Sequence and select the Week to provide Service. Here 4 weeks (A,B,C,D) is displayed as we have selected Number of Weeks In Week Cycle as 4 in Settings.

Step 17 : Select Day and Time of the Week to provide Service. Click Apply and OK.

Step 18: Select all the Items. You can use service item as well as stock items. Click Create.

Step 19: A pop up message will show the number of Services created for the Subscription. Click OK.

Step 20: You will be redirected to Services option and all the Services created for the subscription will be listed.

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