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How to create a Trip

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.













Step 2: From the main menu on the left, navigate to Deliveries > Pending Deliveries

Step 3: Select the Delivery Slots from the left side to see the pending delivery orders. You can select multiple slots to assign the trip.

Step 4: You can also filter delivery slots by delivery area.Select the delivery area from Delivery Area section, you will only see delivery slots of selected delivery area.

Step 5: Select your Home Address (this is the location where the Driver will start the Trip from)

Step 6: Select the orders that you want to assign to a trip.Then click on Create Trip.

Step 7: You can also calculate the Trip Estimate Time or Sort orders by Distance to analyze orders before assigning them to a Driver. 

Step 8: Now select the Delivery Driver to whom you need to assign this trip and click on Save. AltheaSuite will load Google map and you can see the starting point and order delivery addresses.

(After clicking on Save the respective Delivery Driver gets notified of the Trip Assigned)

Step 9: Press Save to complete the process.

The Drivers will now be able to see the created Trips under Deliveries -> Trips.

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