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Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From main menu options, navigate to Products -> Items.

Step 3: Click New to add new item. If you want to edit existing item, select the item to be manufactured and click item options. From options select Modify.

Step 4: In New item screen, enter item name and select the item category.

Step 5: From item options select Has Serial Numbers and Has BOM. If you mark an item Has Serial Number, the item is serialized for all transactions in the service and manufacturing flow.

Step 6: To add a BOM items or Components to this item, click Set BOM.

Step 7: Select components or assemblies used to manufacture this item. In this example, I’m defining BOM for ‘Gaming PC’, consisting following components.

  • Central processing unit (CPU) 1 quantity
  • Motherboard 1 quantity
  • Memory (RAM) 1 quantity
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU) 1 quantity
  • Storage 1 quantity
  • Power supply unit (PSU) 1 quantity

Step 8: You can change quantity of components or assemblies required to manufacture this item in Quantity field.

Step 9: If you wish to remove the item BOM, click item option and select Remove option.

Step 10: Review the details you have entered. Click OK to complete the BOM.

Step 11: Select item sales tax, enter this item sales price and click Create.

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