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A Kitchen Order Token generates a list of the individual Menu Items/products included in a placed order. The Kitchen/Warehouse takes a note of this to prepare the respective Items.

Step 1: From the main menu on the left, navigate to Locations > Business Location.

Step 2: Select your Location, then click on the 3 dotted button. Then click on Additional Receipts.

Step 3: Click on New Receipt.

Step 4: Specify the Name for this additional receipt. Then enable the below checkboxes:

  • Create as Order Token
  • IsActive
  • Create with Invoice.

You can also choose to associate the Cash Register with this Additional Receipt if required.
Step 5  Order Token Setting(Optional): If this receipt needs to be associated with a Collection of Items, then:

  • Select the pre-existing Collection by searching it’s name in the field provided.
  • Add an additional Prefix for this Receipt Number. 

Step 6 Printer Settings:

  • Select Additional Receipt Print Format – This is the format of your KOT Receipt (You can select KOT_Laser if you do not have an additional format).
  • Select the Printer from where the receipt has to be generated.
  • You can also mention if any additional copies of receipts to be printed.
  • Mark Print on Save.

Step 7: SMS Settings (Optional):

  • Select a SMS Format. (You can select KOT_SMS_Text to use the default template).
  • You can also mention a Staff’s number where KOT receipt will be sent as SMS.

Mark the checkboxes based on usage.

Step 8: App Notification Settings (Optional) 

This is where you can connect the KOT App to AltheaSuite.

  • Additional Receipt Notification Data : Select a Notification format which you want to receive on the KOT App.
  • KOT Subscription Code:  Enter unique code (alphanumeric). Use this code in KOT App to get order notifications AltheaSuite.
  • Mark Send Notification On Save as checked.

Step 9: Press Save to save the changes.

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