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Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.













Step 2: From the main menu on the left, navigate to Deliveries > Pickup Slots.

Step 3: Press the New button to start creating a new Pickup Slot.

Step 4: Select your Business Location for which this Slot is applicable.

  • Preparation Time – This is the time(in minutes) that you want to allocate to the Kitchen/Warehouse to prepare the Order.
  • Pickup Time Gap – This is the time gap(in minutes) that you want to block between 2 received Pickup Orders.
  • Future Order Days – This depicts the maximum number of days upto which you want AltheaSuite to restrict users from placing the order to.


Step 5: Define the Delivery Slot days and their respective Slot Timings applicable.

  • If you wish to delete slot times, click the Trash icon. 

Step 6: Press Create to save the changes.

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