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How to do a Bank Deposit

In AltheaSuite you can use Bank Deposit option to track customer payments that you deposit to the bank. Before you make a physical deposit to the bank, you can make a Bank Deposit in AltheaSuite to validate the actual amount getting deposited.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  Before doing a Bank Deposit, add all your Bank Accounts by going to Finance Books > Bank Accounts > New

Step 3: Navigate to Finance Books > Bank Deposit > New.

Step 4: Enter the Deposit Reference Number, if any. This is an optional field.

Step 5: Select the Bank Account To Debit. This is the account where you want to deposit the amount.

Step 6: Select the Payment Mode from the drop down menu, by typing the payment mode name or by clicking on the 3 dots.

Step 7: If you select Cash payment mode, you will also have to select the Cash Register.

Step 8: As soon you select the payment mode and cash register, you will see all the documents through which cash payment was received in the selected cash register. You will only see the documents for which the Bank Deposit is not yet created.

Step 9: You can also apply a Date Range to list the documents created in the selected Date range.
Step 10: You can start selecting the transactions you want to deposit to Bank. The selected transactions will start showing in the top section.
If you want to deselect any transaction, you can do it from the list of transactions at the bottom or from the selected transaction section at the top.

Step 11: You can also select all the transactions of a page by clicking on select all option. If there are transactions in multiple pages, navigate to each page and click on select all.

Step 12: If the Bank is deducting any credit card fees, you can mark the checkbox Deduct Credit Card Fees

Select the Fee Expense Account, this is the financial account you want to debit with the credit card fees.

Enter Credit Card Fees Percent or Credit Card Fees (flat amount).
The entered credit card fees will get deducted from the selected total and a final total will get calculated.

Step 13: Below is the financial transaction recorded for Bank Deposit deducting the credit card fees.


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