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How to do Stock Correction of Items through excel upload

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  From main menu options navigate to Inventory -> Stock Corrections.

Step 3 : Click on + Stock Correction.

Step 4 : Select the Warehouse for which the stock has to be corrected.

Step 5 : The Stock Correction Warehouse is a virtual Warehouse used for the stock adjustment.

Step 6 : Click Create Template to get the excel template.

Step 7: Based on the items you can select the template. If you want to correct stock for items without batch number, select the Simple Item Template. For items with batch numbers select Item Template with Batch. Click OK.

(Here we have selected Simple Item Template)

Step 8: Enter SKU or Item name along with Actual Stock in the excel. Actual Stock is the current stock in your warehouse. Once the required details are entered, save and close the excel.

Step 9: Go back to AltheaSuite and select Import Items.

Step 10: Click on Browse, select the saved excel and click Upload Item.

Step 11: Once the file is successfully uploaded, you will get a message. Close the message and upload window.

Step 12: You will see all the items of excel added in AltheaSuite.

System Stock: This column will show the current stock of the item in the selected warehouse in AltheaSuite

Actual Stock: This is the actual stock you have currently in your Warehouse. This is the one you entered in excel.

Missing Stock: This column will auto calculate the stock as per System and Actual Stock entered. For example if the System Stock is 4 and you enter Actual Stock as 3, Missing Stock will be 4-3 = 1 .

Note: To do the Missing Stock adjustment, Stock Correction Warehouse will be used.

Step 13: Click on Save to complete the Stock Correction.

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