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How to Enroll a Customer for Loyalty Points

In AltheaSuite you can enroll a customer for loyalty program and earn the points to enjoy benefits in future purchases.
Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.
Step 2 : Navigate to Customers > Add a new customer or modify an existing customer.
Step 3: Click ‘Loyalty Points Setting’

Step 4: This will open the ‘Manage Customer Loyalty’ screen.

Enrolled For Loyalty Points: Mark this checkbox to enroll a customer for loyalty points. A Loyalty Number for this customer will get auto generated.

Define My Own Number: If you do not want the auto generated Loyalty Number, click on this button.

Auto-Generate Number: If you are using a user generated number and wants to revert back to auto generated Loyalty Number, click on this button.

Enrollment Date: This is the Date when the customer was enrolled for the loyalty points.

Referred By(For Loyalty Points) – Select the customer who referred this customer and whom you want to give the Referral Points. The Referred By customer should be enrolled for loyalty points.

Issue Loyalty Points to Referrer on Every Invoice: Mark this checkbox if you want to give loyalty points to the Referrer for every invoice of this customer. In this case only the Referrer will get the points.

Click Update.

Update the Customer.




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