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Once the Item is added to Althea, you can also add the Stock. AltheaSuite provides a very easy way to upload the stock through excel.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From main menu options navigate to Inventory -> Stock.

Step 3: Click on Import Stock.

Step 4: Select the Business Location and click OK.

Step 5: To get an excel template click For Excel 2007 and later versions click on.

Step 6: A list of template will appear. You can select any one based on the requirement i.e. if you want to add Opening Stock or just Stock, also if the Stock has Lot Number (Batch). Here we have selected Item Template with Opening Stock.

Note: If you select a template with opening stock, stock transaction type in Althea will be saved as ADDEDOPENINGSTOCK and if the template with stock is selected, the stock transaction type will be DATA UPLOAD.

Step 7: Enter the list of items with opening stock and the warehouse name in which stock should be added. You can also add opening stock of same item in multiple warehouses. Save and close the excel.

Note: SKU is mandatory and Item name is optional field.

Step 8: Click Browse to select the excel.

Step 9: Once the excel is selected, click Stock Upload.

Step 10: An Import successful message will pop up. Close the message box and Stock Upload window.


Step 11: To check the stock transaction in Althea you can go to Inventory > Stock Transactions and look for the item. Stock transaction in Warehouse will be displayed.

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