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In AltheaSuite you can issue a Store Credit to Customer which they can use later to do the payment for a Sales Invoice.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  From main menu options navigate to Customers -> Customers.

Step 3 :  Select the Customer, click on context menu (3 dotted button) and select Issue Store Credit.

Step 4 :  Enter the Amount you to want to issue as store credit for customer.

Step 5 : Select Credit or Debit based on whether store credit has to be given or taken from Customer. Here we have selected Credit as we want to issue store credit to customer.

Step 6 : Select the Financial Account used to record the store credit issued.

Note: You can create a new Financial Account by clicking on 3 dotted button under Financial Account field.

Step 7 : Enter the Narration specifying the reason to issue store credit. This can be referred in future if required. Click on OK.

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