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How to make a Bill Payment

In AltheaSuite, you can create a Bill Payment for the Payee.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  Navigate to Finance Books > Bill Payments.

Step 3: Click New to make a new Bill Payment.

Step 4: Select the Payee from the drop down or by typing the Payee name. You can also add a new Payee by clicking on 3 dots or + button.

Step 5: If the default Debit and Credit accounts were defined while adding a Payee, they will auto populate. You can also manually select the debit and credit accounts.

Step 6: If there is any Pending Credit Amount for this Payee, it will be displayed.

Step 7: Enter the Payment Amount. This is the amount paid to the Payee.

Step 8: Select the Payment Date and Due Date. The financial account transactions will be done on the Payment Date.

Step 9: Enter the Check Number and Note. These are optional fields.

Step 10: Click Pay And Print Check, Pay or Hold.

Pay And Print Check: This will save the Bill Payment and print the check.

Pay: This will only save the Bill Payment.

Hold: The held Bill Payment will show blank Payment Date and Payment Status as Pending. You can either click Modify and complete this Bill Payment or click ‘Mark As Paid‘.

If you click Mark As Paid, it will show a popup to select the Payment Date. Select the Date and click OK.

Step 11: This is how Bill Payment’s financial account transactions recorded.



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