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In the manufacturing business there can be products which you need to manufacture and keep in your inventory. Also these manufactured products can have a batch number which should be auto assigned instead of creating manually. AltheaSuite provides a very easy way to handle this situation.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From main menu options navigate to Products -> Items.

Step 3: You can create a new Item or modify an existing item. Here we have modified an item by selecting the item, clicking on context menu (3 dotted button) and selecting Modify.

Step 4: Mark the checkbox Auto Assign Batch Number and enter the default Expiry for this product in Days.

Note: You will see the Auto Assign Batch Number option only if an item is marked as Has Auto Batch.

Apart from above mentioned options we have also marked Has BOM for this item and set all BOM.

Step 5: Click on Update to complete the item modification.

Step 6: Now from main menu options navigate to Manufacturing -> Make Documents.

Step 7 : Click on New Make.

Step 8 : Select the Employee who manufactured the products. This is not a mandatory field.

Step 9 : Change the Warehouse and Made on Date if required. The manufactured item stock will be added in the selected Warehouse. Made on Date is the Date on which items are manufactured.

Step 10 : Select the item you want to manufacture by clicking on the drop-down button which will give the list of your items. You can also type in the item’s name or click on 3 dotted button to find the desired item.

Step 11: Enter the item quantity to manufacture and click on Apply.

Step 12: As soon as you click on Apply, all the items needed to manufacture the selected item will be listed. You can see the item’s Required Quantity to manufacture the selected item along with its Available Quantity.

Step 13: You will also notice the checkbox Create New Batch Number is marked. New Batch Number is auto generated and Expiry Date is set based on Expire in Days entered while creating item (in this case it was 30 days, refer Step 4)

Step 14: If you still want to give an existing batch number to the manufactured item untick the checkbox Create New Batch Number and select the batch number in Use Existing Batch Number field.

Step 15: Click OK and Save to complete the manufacturing process.

Step 16: To check the new added Batch number for the manufactured item along with quantity, you can go to Inventory > Batch Manager.

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