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How to map the Account Group and Sub-Accounts of Quickbooks in AltheaSuite?

Step 1: Go to the Business Location module and then click on the 3 dotted button of a location.

Step 2: Select the option Modify from the list.

Step 3: You will see Modify Business Location window. Scroll down the window, you will see the QB Account Mapping section, click on the New toolbar button.

Step 4: In Add QB Account window, select the Financial Account for which you want to map the Account Group and sub-accounts.

Then enter the QB Account Name. The name has to be entered in the format “Account Group:Sub-Account Name”. Group Name and Sub-Account names are separated by a colon (:) without space.

Click on Save.

Note: If the QB Account Name is entered without a colon in it then it will consider as an Account without any group or sub-accounts.

Step 4: You will now see the QB Account Name mapped to the Althea account. Click on Update.

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