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How to mark ‘Do not send to QB’ for multiple financial accounts?

This document will show you the steps to mark multiple financial accounts in AltheaSuite to not send to the QuickBooks in the IIF.

Step 1: Go to the Finance Books module and select the Financial Accounts menu. To select multiple accounts at a time, check the checkbox ‘Allow Multiple Selection’.

Step 2: Check the checkbox for the financial accounts in the grid that you do not want to send to QuickBooks. Click on the toolbar button ‘Selected Not Send to QB’.

Step 3: You will see a confirmation message, click on Yes to apply the changes.

Step 4: You will now see the value in the column Is Do Not Send to QB will change to Yes.

Note: While downloading the IIF file from AltheaSuite, the system will not send the financial accounts that are marked as Do Not Send to QB. If there are transactions created in the system for a financial account that is marked as ‘Do Not Send to QB’ then those transactions will be failed in the QuickBooks at the time of IIF import.

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