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Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: Go to the Settings option and then click on Invoice Settings.

Step 3: Enable the checkbox ‘Show Delivered checkbox in Sales Invoice’. Click on Apply.

Step 4: Go to the Sales option and then click on the Sales Invoice module. Click on Create Invoice toolbar button.

Step 5: Select the Customer from the drop-down and add the items for the invoice. 

Step 6: Check the checkbox ‘Delivered’ in the item grid for the items that are delivered to the customer and click on Pay Now.

Step 7: In the Payment window, select the Payment mode and enter the amount received. Click on Save.

Step 8: You will see the Sales Invoice that got saved in the Sales Invoice manager. Click on the 3 dotted button and select ‘View’ to see the items that are already delivered.

Step 9: In the View Sales Invoice window, you can see the delivery details of the items. The items that are already delivered to the customer are shown as ‘Yes‘ along with delivered quantities.

Step 10: To deliver the remaining items from the invoice, click on the 3 dotted button and select the ‘Create Dispatch Document’ option.

Step 11: In the Dispatch Invoice window, add the items that you want to dispatch from the drop-down menu.

Step 12: Click on Create to save the dispatch document. Step 13: You will now see the Dispatch Status for the invoice will become Complete which indicates all the items from the invoice are delivered to the customer.

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