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Performing a sale

To Create a Sales Invoice in AltheaSuite by following these steps.

Step 1: Login into your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu, select Sales > Sales Invoice and then click on the +Create Invoice button to create new sales invoice.

Step 3: In the New Invoice page, few details like Business LocationCash Register, warehouse etc will be pre-selected. You can change it if required.


Step 4: Select Customer. You can select the Customer by typing, clicking on down arrow with few Customer selections, or can also search

Step 5: Enter the SKU of the product or you can also select the Item by its name. Item name can be selected by directly typing it, by clicking on down arrow with few item selections or by clicking on the three-dotted button which will show all items as well as allow creating a new one.


Step 6: You can also change the quantity of selected items. Enter the invoice qty in Quantity field.  Choose a delivery type from, 1. Delivered, 2. DL – To be delivered and 3. PK – To be picked up


Step 7: If you want to remove any item from the invoice you can click on the three-dotted button and click on Remove.


Step 8: Click on Pay Now to save the payment details.


Step 9: Select the payment mode [Cash, Card, Store Credit, etc] and enter the amount received in the Amount  You can also use multiple payment modes for a single invoice. Click Save to complete the sale.

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