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How to receive check for an invoice

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu options go to Sales > Sales Invoices.

Step 3: Click Create Invoice.

Step 4: Select the Customer

Note: Customer selection is mandatory if you are receiving payment from customer through check. Also Balance Limit should be set for customer.

Step 5: Enter the SKU of the product by manually typing it or by scanning.

If you do not know SKU you can also select the Item by its name. Item name can be selected by directly typing it, by clicking on down arrow with few item selections or by clicking on the three-dotted button which will show all items as well as allow creating a new one.

Step 6: Click on Pay Now to save the payment details.

Step 7: Select the payment mode Check. You will be able to take the payment in Check only if the customer has Balance Limit available.

Step 8: Enter the amount received in the Amount field. Also enter Check Number, Bank Name and Check Date

Note: You can receive Check for amount greater than invoice total.

Step 9: Click Save or Save & Print.

Step 10: Go to Sales > Checks to view all the Checks received from customers.

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