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After you receive finished product from the job work supplier, the purchase of Job Work services can be accounted through Purchase Document.

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account

Step 2: Go to Purchases > Purchases

Step 3: Click +New button on the toolbar.

Step 4: You will see New Purchase window, select business location and warehouse. * indicates the required fields.

Step 5: Select the job work supplier from whom the job work bill/finished product is received.

Step 6: Select the finished product/service item assigned to finished item.

Step 7: In this example I’m selecting finished product, system will add the service item that is assigned to this finished product. You can directly select the service item that is assigned to the finished product.

Note: Please refer tutorial How to Job work item and assign service charges to it.

Step 8: You can change the price and quantity.

Step 9: Click Create. This will add stock in transaction for the finished product and at the same time system will add stock out transaction for raw materials in the warehouse that is associated with this supplier.

Step 10: Go to Inventory > Stock Transactions, to check the stock transactions.

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