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How to Redeem Loyalty Points

In AltheaSuite you can convert the loyalty points of a customer to a store credit which can be used by them for future purchases.
Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.
Step 2 : Navigate to Customers > context menu Redeem Loyalty Points.
Step 3: This will bring the below screen of Redeem Loyalty Points. All the fields will be auto selected.
Current Loyalty Points: This shows the current available loyalty points of the selected customer.
Current Store Credit: This shows the current store credit of the selected customer.
Minimum Loyalty Points To Redeem: This shows the minimum loyalty points after which the customer can redeem the loyalty points.
Number of Loyalty Points For 1 Store Credit: This shows the number of loyalty points to get 1 store credit.
Convert loyalty points into: Enter the number of points you want to convert into store credit. You can convert all the available loyalty points or some of it.
Click Convert.

Step 4: To check the loyalty points transactions, click on the customer context menu ‘View Loyalty Transactions’.


Note: When you redeem loyalty points, an expense account ‘Loyalty Point Expense Account’ will get debited and ‘Store Credit Account’ will get credited.




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