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How to sell a batch item in AltheaSuite

AltheaSuite’s inventory module comes with batch management functionality. The batch management feature facilitates batch in purchase, sales, stock transfer, etc.

To sell a batch item in AltheaSuite follow below steps

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu option, go to Sales > Sales Invoices. 

Step 3 : Click on + Create Invoice option to create a new sales invoice.

Step 4 : Select the Customer and Invoice Level Tax if required. These are optional fields.

Step 5 : Select the Item by clicking on drop down list, three dotted button or typing the name. You can also select item by typing or scanning the SKU in SKU field.

Step 6 : As the selected item has Manual Batch, you will get the below screen with list of available batches. Select the batch from which you want to sell and click OK.

If the selected item has Auto Batch with different Sales Price for batches, you will get a similar screen to select the batch from available list. If the Sales Price is same, as soon as item is selected it considers the Batch which will expire soon without giving any list to select.

Step 7 : Instead of selecting the available batch if you want to add a new batch to sell, click on Create Batch.

Step 8 : Enter the Batch details and click on Create.

Step 9 : Click on Pay Now.

Step 10 : Select the payment mode, enter the amount and click Save.

Note: You can go to main menu Inventory > Batch Manager to check product’s batch details.

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