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To set reorder levels for items in AltheaSuite, follow the steps given below;

1. From main menu options, go to Purchase à Reorder Management.

2. If you are managing multiple warehouses, you can set different stock level at different warehouses. Select the warehouse from the left section of the screen.

2. Select the item to set the reorder level and click Assign Reorder Rule. You can also select multiple items to assign reorder rule.

3. To select all items, click on the checkbox in the header.

  • Reorder when the stock is less than:  Enter the quantity when an item is considered to be low in stock and should therefore be reordered.
  • Item Reorder Stock: enter the quantity you want to order when item stock is less the reorder level of said item.

For example, if you enter reorder when the stock is less than as 5 qty and item reorder stock as 10qty for item A. If you currently have less the 5 qty in stock, then when you create purchase order based on reorder level, system will automatically generate a purchase order for item A with 10 qty.


4. Once you’re done click OK.

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