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To setup Discount on Category, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: Navigate to Sales -> Offers  

Step 3: Click Add New button.

Step 4: Offer Type:  you can choose the type of discount. In this case, select Discount on Category.

Step 5: Offer Name:  Enter the Offer Name. This is where you need to give a name for your Offer; it should be something that describes the discount as this will be displayed to the customer.

Step 6: Offer Start and End Date: This option helps you to decide whether you want to make your discount permanent or temporary. By setting start and end date, you will be able to control when your discount is available. By default offer start and end date will be today’s date.

Step 7: Is Repeated: If the offer is applicable only on particular days in a week, then select this option and mark the days when this offer is applicable.

  • Start and End Time: You can also optionally choose a time range where the discount only applies during this time.

Example: Get 10 % discount on Category X, Wednesday and Friday between 10 Am to 1 PM.

Step 8: Select Customer Group: Select Customer Group: This field will help you in selecting particular individuals or groups of customers who are accessible to this offer. By default this offer will be applicable for all customers. To make it applicable only for selected customer group, select ‘Applicable Only For Selected Customer Groups’ and choose the customer group to whom this offer is applicable.

Step 9: Select Business Location: . Select Business Location: This field will help you in selecting particular location where offer is applicable. By default the offer you are defining will be applicable to all customers and across all business locations. To make it applicable only for selected location, select ‘Applicable Only For Selected Business Location’ and choose the business location where this offer is applicable.

Step 10: Add Category to List: Click Add Category to List to select the category(s). A pop-up will be displayed with list of categories,you can include multiple categories in same offer definition. All the items in the selected category(s) will be discounted.

Step 11: Minimum Invoice Amount: Enter the minimum amount customer would need to buy from selected category(s) eligible to get discount.

Step 12: Discount Amount: Enter the discount amount in percent or dollar amount your customer will get on eligible purchase. For a Percentage discount, type the percentage and then select Is Percentage.

Example 1: Get 10% discount on purchase of 50$ or more from Category X.

Step 13: Click Create to save the offer details.

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