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How to use a Finance Agency

In AltheaSuite, you can add a finance agency, create a sales invoice and receive payment from finance agency.

Adding a Finance Agency

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  Navigate to Sales > Finance Agency > New.

Step 3: Enter the Finance Agency Name.

Step 4: Enter the contact information like Mobile Number, E-mail and Address. These are optional fields.

Step 5: You can also set the Balance Limit. If the Balance Limit is set, the finance agency cannot be used to make a purchase beyond this limit. 

Creating a Sales Invoice for Finance Agency

Step 1: Go to Sales > Sales Invoices > Create Invoice

Step 2: Select the customer, items and click Pay Now. 

Step 3: Select the payment mode Finance Agency, select the Finance Agency name and enter the amount. Save the invoice.

Receiving Payment from Finance Agency
Step 1: Go to Sales > Finance Agency > Receive Payment
Step 2: Select the Finance Agency. As soon as you select the Finance Agency, it will show all the pending invoices for that Finance Agency.
Step 3: Select the invoice entry against which you want to receive the payment. If payment is made partially, enter the received amount in Adjust Pending Amount


Step 4: Select the payment mode, enter the payment received in the Amount field. Payment can be taken through multiple payment modes.


Step 5:  Click Create to complete the payment



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